Reflection on Dude Solutions Tech Day 2016

Good things come in small packages! Yesterday, Dude Solutions did better than ‘good’; they delivered greatness in a box of donuts. No, they didn’t literally hand out a box of donuts; though their breakfast spread was quite amazing. In the true spirit of ‘openness’ and ‘community’, they revealed their recipe for scaling agile successfully. It came in an unexpected metaphor- a donut.

Every time you look, someone has unveiled the ‘next scaling solution. SAFE, DAD, and LeSS are just a few of the established and emerging frameworks. A few years ago Spotify unveiled their engineering culture videos, and everyone clamored to adopt their model. Though Spotify’s model has worked incredibly well for them, it may not be a good fit for all organizations. Richard Khor – ScrumMaster for Dude Solutions- amazingly summarized Josh Anderson’s recent podcast on the ‘Agile Donut’. Rather than spoil your appetites, I encourage everyone to listen to the entirety of the podcast for the full helping of the donut.

Dude Solutions graciously opened their doors and demonstrated how they cracked the scaling code for their organization. They revealed more than a model or framework; they freed organizations and agile practitioners from the shackles of committing to one framework over the other. Much like Jeff Patton’s 2007 article Kanban Development Oversimplified, Dude shopped around and found the best fit for who they are and what they do. Their framework is in a constant state of evolution. This general attitude towards scaling gives them the flexibility to make adjustments in the future.

Thank you to Dude Solutions for opening their doors and treating the attendees as part of the Dude family. I look forward to many more Tech Days in the years to come.